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If someone has been injured on a boat, if a death occurred, or if a boat was damaged during a boating accident, it is important to contact a boating accident attorney to review your claim.

Quick action is important since there are several deadlines for filing a boating accident claim. Depending on specific state’s statute of limitations and maritime laws, the deadline can be anywhere from six months to three years. A boating accident attorney in your area will be able to help you with the details of your case.

Quick action also improves the chances of receiving the settlement desired and to ensure that your side is heard as well.

What Types of Boating Accidents Are There?
Some of the accidents that boating accident attorneys can handle include:

•    Parasailing Accidents
•    Waverunner or Jetski accidents
•    Wind and Kite Surfing accidents
•    Accidents due to the influence of drugs or alcohol
•    Deck hand injury accidents
•    Scuba or Snorkeling accidents
•    Tubing or Waterskiing accidents
•    Ferry worker accidents
•    Boating union accident and injury claims
•    Canoe or Kayaking accidents
•    Passenger boating accidents such as a cruise liner or ferry
•    Commercial fishing accidents
•    Tug and barge accidents
•    Other accident information upon request.

What Are Some of the Causes of Boating Accidents?
It is much easier for a person to legally operate a boat than to drive an automobile since a license is not required to operate a boat. Many boating accidents happen because boating regulations are not enforced in the same way as automobile regulations. This in turn, causes people to not follow the laws as closely. 

A large portion of boating accidents are caused by boating inexperience or lack of proper boating safety since taking boating courses or boating education is not mandatory by law.

Other boating accidents are caused by:

•    Operating the boat too aggressively
•    Unfavorable weather conditions
•    Operating the boat recklessly or carelessly
•    Operating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
•    Operating without the help of another person
•    Negligence
•    Equipment failure

Who Can Sue

A boating accident attorney or maritime attorney can help research the different state and maritime laws specific to your boating claim. These laws can sometimes be confusing since they vary from state to state. From the moment a boating accident occurs, one should act quickly, due to the several deadlines that exist when filing a boating claim.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Involved In a Boating Accident?
Researching an ocean, boating or maritime accident claim can often be difficult. Evidence is important in winning your case, so it is important to document everything you can that happened when the accident occurred.  A boating accident attorney can help in your claim.

Take videos and photos of:

•    Area where the injuries or damages happened
•    Outside and inside of all boats and vessels involved
•    Surfboard or body board involved
•    Signs, reefs, channels, buoys, anything around the accident
•    Wave and ocean conditions
•    Physical injuries and damages sustained on the vessels
•    Diving equipment
•    Anything else that can help support the claim in court

What Information Should I Know When Filing a Boating Accident Claim?
1.    Be honest when describing the events surrounding the boating accident
2.    If an injury is sustained in the accident, report it immediately as it can get worse as time goes by
3.    Do not sign any type of release without consulting with an attorney
4.    Continue to fight the boating claim; persistence is important as insurance companies are usually slow to pay for settlements.

Are longshore and habor workers covered for work related injuries?
Longshore and habor workers are usually covered for work related injuries by the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. The act provides benefits which are administered by the federal Office of Worker's Compensation Programs (OWCP). Many times claims against the employer are barred because of the availability of LSHWCA coverage, but there may still be claims for recovery against the third party responsible for the injuries.  A boating attorney will help.

Interesting Facts

Boating Statistics
According to the 2008 Florida Boating Accident Statistical Report, Florida has the highest number of registered boating vessels in the United States.  Florida also has the highest number of boating accidents with a total of 657 reported accidents in 2008 and Monroe County reporting the highest number of incidents.

In the state of Florida during 2008, boaters falling overboard were the main cause of boating fatalities. The numbers continue to grow every year.

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